My start in animation was on the original Hey Arnold! series so it was a treat to draw these characters again 15 years later. I nearly didn't have to look at the character design sheets as I knew them all so well. (I still looked.) I feel fortunate to have worked on this movie to conclude the story for the longtime fans, and introduce new kid audiences to Arnold's world.

Watch here the animatics for my storyboard sequences.


Phoebe's Device

Phoebe builds a communication device from old beepers and scraps to signal for help from the jungle.

Phoebe was always one of my favorite characters so I was happy to storyboard her intellectual moment.

Compound Riot

The kids execute a plan to break out of the compound. Chaos ensues and it's a battle for survival.

This complex action sequence with dozens of characters and animals was a great and fun challenge to storyboard.

Arnold's Parents

Arnold wakes at the end of the movie unsure if the discovery of his parents was just another dream.

I am fortunate to have storyboarded this touching sequence between Arnold and his parents, balancing tender emotions with touches of humor.

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