Original Paintings


Before I started working exclusively digital, I painted my poster work by hand using a paint called gouache. Many of these original paintings are framed. Prices vary due to size, framing, and detail.

If you're interested in an original, please email me at steve@lowtwait.com for details.


Rocky Mountain National Park • 16x20 unframed.

SOLD • Estes Park, Colorado.

Sun Valley, Idaho • 22x28 unframed. 

Carve Up Winter  22x28 framed.

High Country • 11x15 framed.

Cowboy Sunset  20x30 framed.

Desert Wind  24x34 framed.

Fly Fishing  42x22 framed.

SOLD • Boulder Falls.

SOLD • Lakeside Hotel.

SOLD  Flatirons after a Storm.

Above Boulder  8x8 framed.

Boulder Canyon  8x8 framed.

Pearl Street Mall  8x8 unframed.

University of Colorado  8x8 unframed.

SOLD  The Flatirons.

Chautauqua Auditorium  8x8 unframed.

Hotel Boulderado  8x8 unframed.

Boulder Creek  8x8 unframed.

Historic Boulder  8x8 unframed.

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Day • 12x28 unframed.

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Night • 12x28 unframed.

SOLD  Bear Lake, RMNP

SOLD • Third Flatiron.