I created the first version of CampSteve.com in 2002, made with the tech du jour, Flash. It was my first website and a horribly inefficient experiment in putting my art on the internet. But it was novel just to have anything online in those days.

I then launched a whole new CampSteve in 2009, a time when it was standard for an artist to have their work online. I needed a real portfolio site to sell my illustration and design skills, along with a poster store. It looked great and served me very well, but the software I used to create it was cumbersome and hard to update.

Then a few months ago, I discovered Squarespace, an online website publishing service with very slick tools and features for creating and managing websites. After a little experimentation, I was sold!

This is the 3rd iteration of CampSteve and it's made for today's internet.

Besides the slick navigation and management tools in Squarespace, it has built in formatting for the mobile web. My new site looks great on phones and tablets!

It also works with high resolution images so that those with HD displays on their computers and devices get the best experience viewing my artwork. These features are important to me as an artist in an ever changing internet.

So please click around and enjoy my art. There are many new galleries that weren't in the last version.

The original 2002 CampSteve featured an animated "splash page" in my poster style.

The previous CampSteve.com was beautiful but difficult to manage. The blue Jeep with the red canoe is in all versions of my site. Do you see it here?