I was commissioned to illustrate a poster of Jarrow Montessori as part of a fundraiser for the school. The oldest Montessori school in Colorado, Jarrow sits on a large property scattered with classroom buildings and outdoor play areas.

For the poster, I used an abstract perspective in order to include all the important landmarks across the long, deep property. The entrance gate and the covered walk between buildings welcomes schoolchildren and visitors. Beyond, I shift perspective as if we're looking down on the school. The sunrise in the east symbolizes the dawn of a lifetime of learning.

The poster art was "painted" on my iPad using a touch-sensitive paintbrush. This is a fairly new process for me, of which I've only done for a couple professional illustrations. 

The Jarrow poster is now in the Boulder posters gallery.

The poster on display at a fundraiser event.

The poster on display at a fundraiser event.