Whole Foods Market


I hand-painted a mural at the flagship Whole Foods Market in Boulder, Colorado. I also illustrated a series of banners to decorate the parking lot, and a poster to commemorate the grand reopening.


The Mural

At 10x18 feet, it took me eight weeks to paint the mural on four aluminum panels mounted in an outdoor courtyard.

The mural is a fictional viewpoint combining many of Boulder's natural and architectural landmarks into a tribute to the town.

The hikers are loosely based on my wife and I.

A footbridge over Boulder Creek.

A mountain biker passing near a backyard barbecue.

Runners and cyclists on the busy path.

Locals and tourists on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall.

Busy people on the Pearl Street Mall.

People enjoying an afternoon at the park.

People walking the path.

Mural in Progress

Here I am in the summer sun creating the largest piece I've ever done.

My blank "canvas". I had to get certified to operate the lift.

I redrew my original pencil drawing to scale on the wall using a grid system.

The sky at the top was painted first.

Working from top to bottom, the distant landscape took shape.

Painting the creek started to make it feel more complete.

Here I am painting details on the wall with a small brush.

Most of the center of the mural was taking shape at this point.

The buildings had a lot of details.

Almost done. Last corner I worked on.

Whole Foods put up a plaque next to the mural with some kind words about me.

Whole Foods Banners


A series of thirteen banner designs decorate the lampposts in the Whole Foods parking lot. Several of them feature the company's corporate values while others celebrate Boulder's active and healthy lifestyle.


Whole Foods core value: Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available.

Whole Foods core value: Satisfying and delighting our customers.

Whole Foods core value: Creating ongoing win-win relationships with our suppliers.

Whole Foods core value: Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education.

Whole Foods core value: Caring about our communities and environment.

Whole Foods core value: Supporting team member happiness and excellence.

Whole Foods core value: Creating wealth through profits and growth.

Boulder scene: Picnic at Chautauqua.

Boulder scene: Family along Boulder Creek.

Boulder scene: Sanitas Valley Trail.

Boulder scene: Cross country skiing at North Boulder Park.

Boulder scene: Road cycling the Front Range.

Boulder scene: Kayaking Boulder Creek.

Several of the banner illustrations hang above the produce department inside the store.


Whole Foods Poster

Whole Foods commissioned a separate poster for the store's grand reopening with the completion of the mural. I held a poster signing where these were handed out to customers. The image was also printed on a limited edition run of reusable grocery bags.