For print and web, my illustration helps people and businesses tell their stories.

Energy House • Interactive house with clickable elements to help customers learn about energy savings. Client: Simple Energy

Salad • Chicken salad for a mobile restaurant ordering company. Client: OrdrUs

Mobile Restaurant • For an app that's like having a restaurant in your phone. Client: OrdrUs

Card Finder • Character design encouraging customers to search for greeting cards. Client: Card Gnome

Cardelia • Character design welcoming customers to the website. Client: Card Gnome

How It Works • Illustrated banner depicting the basic steps of how the online greeting card service works. Client: Card Gnome

Digital Address Book • A fictional device illustrating how the service keeps tracks of addresses and reminders. Client: Card Gnome

Mobile Menu • Restaurant menus in your pocket. Client: OrdrUs

Scale • Larger to-go orders for restaurants. Client: OrdrUs

E-commerce Testing • An illustration about testing content for optimizing sales. Client: Monetate

E-commerce Targeting • An illustration about helping customers find the right product by demographic. Client: Monetate

E-commerce Analytics • An illustration about customer data for online shopping. Client: Monetate

E-commerce Personalization • An illustration about giving customers a customized experience online. Client: Monetate

Fiber Network • This website banner depicts the power of high speed fiberoptic internet. Client: Google Fiber

Pedestrian Shops • This banner tops the website of a shoe store. Client: Pedestrian Shops

New England Fishing • This website banner illustrates a frenzy of birds and fish for a fishing blog. Private commission.

Cyclists • T-shirt design for a cycling club. Client: Club Mod

Daydream • An illustration to inspire people to browse dream homes online. Client: Mod Boulder

Modern Homes • An illustration for a real estate agency that focuses on modern architecture. Client: Mod Boulder

Live Mod, Live Boulder • A t-shirt design about living modern. Client: Mod Boulder

Boulder Jewish Festival T-Shirt • The design depicts the festival out front of the city's courthouse.

Biker Chick • This was printed on products for a women's motorcycle gear company. Client: Crazy Chix Biker Wear

World's Fair • Illustrations depicting the restoration of the of the 1964 New York State Fairgrounds and the colorful glass ceiling of the grand pavillion. Client: World's Fair Preservation Society

The "Winnebagel" • A souped up RV for a kid-friendly city guide about a traveling family. Client: Trip Jones

Jamestown Fourth • T-shirt illustration for the annual Fourth of July festivities in the small mountain town. Client: Jamestown, Colorado


Pioneer Card Game • These are some of the 25 illustrations for a social, pioneer-themed card game played at a software developer conference. Client: Rocky Mountain Ruby

Boulder graphic • Illustration for bicycle baskets on public bicycle rentals in Boulder, Colorado. Client: B-Cycle