We Bare Bears

Background Design

Cartoon Network's show, We Bare Bears, premiered in 2015. I freelanced background design on many of the first episodes and occasional episodes since then. The quality of the backgrounds has a light, somewhat sketchy line that doesn't adhere to rigid perspective. Buildings and objects seem to have a slight, off-kilter sway to their form. That's fun to draw.


Rolling San Francisco city streets.

Emergency rescue scene.

Theme park. The post sticking up on the right is for a spinning swing ride, an animated element left out of the background.

The marina is a mix of industrial and recreational.

Behind the seafood stand at the marina.

The bears climb this fire escape.

Produce department at a grocery store.

University campus.

Outside the university auditorium.

Auditorium entry.

Ultimate Hero Champion course. Can Grizz do it?

Retro styled diner.

Exit area of a theme park ride.

Internet meme convention floor. Oh that ugly carpeting!

The bears fill their cave floor to ceiling with tote bags.

I drew hundreds upon...

hundreds of tote bags for this episode.

A beaver dam made of tote bags.