It was time to get serious about being a Coloradan.

I got married, started a family, and we all lived in various mountain towns. My wife and I loved Boulder but if we were going to live in Colorado, we might as well experience some serious mountain living. We lived in places without cellphone reception, on twisting dirt roads, and where temperatures reached in the negative 20s with three feet of snow. We warmed our home with firewood and watched moose roam from our windows. It was glorious.

Mountain house 1 was on a babbling creek deep in a canyon.

Mountain house 2 was in a quaint town with one cafe and no traffic lights.

Mountain house 3 was atop a high ridge overlooking the Continental Divide.


When you live in the mountains, you need a rugged vehicle.

In September 2013, our small town of about 300 people was hit by a catastrophic flood and we were rescued via helicopter. Read my story.