Disaster Relief Posters

I've created several posters to raise money for people affected natural disasters

Rebuilding Lyons Strong • In September 2013, flood waters destroyed large sections of Lyons, Colorado. Rebuild costs were in the millions and this piece helped spread awareness for the restoration of the foothill town.

I lived in Jamestown, Colorado when our tiny mountain town was ravaged by floodwaters in 2013. My family had to be rescued by helicopter after several days with no power or water, and no way out. Inspired by my harrowing experience, I created this piece to help give back to the town.

Fourmile Fire - Boulder, Colorado, 2010 • This famous poster spread across social media like the wildfire it represents. During a disaster, it's a positive sentiment to thank the brave responders who save lives and homes. This piece inspired a movement of gratitude in a time of hardship, including a parade for firefighters.

Waldo Canyon Fire - Colorado Springs, 2012. • This fire burned close to the famous Air Force Academy chapel. It was the most destructive in Colorado's history until another fire in 2013, also in Colorado Springs.

High Park Fire - Fort Collins, Colorado, 2012. • Smoke flumes from the fire float over the town's historic firehouse. It was the third most destructive wildfire in Colorado's history.