You love California for the sunshine, not the traffic. So put some sunshine in your traffic.

2015 Fiat 500c

It runs well. It looks great. I take care of it. Your turn.

Low miles





31 city /40 hwy



I take good care of my cars, including this beloved Fiat that I bought new. It has been my freeway commuter car that rested during most weekends. It received its scheduled maintenance and was washed and waxed regularly. I even cleaned the steering wheel regularly. I am selling it because I have too many cars and I've adopted another one as my daily driver.

Highlighted Features

  • Digital gauges and info system.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Keyless entry with alarm system.
  • Under warranty until 4 years or 50,000 miles.
  • Hill Start Assist (for starting off on a hill).
  • Reverse parking sensors.
  • Convertible top with multiple open positions.
  • 4 leather seats and 1 leather steering wheel.
  • Cold blowin' air conditioning.
  • Stereo AM/FM/CD/Satellite Radio/Bluetooth/USB.
  • Hands-free phone integration with voice command.

What's the 1957 Special Edition?

No, it's not a car from 1957. This modern model has extra design and comfort features inspired by the the original Fiat 500 which debuted in 1957. What are those features?

Stylistically, it has more chrome exterior and interior accents than the standard model, plus extra touches like the white side mirrors.

The interior has a distinguished style of brown leather, chrome, cream and black elements. It's a strong yet comforting combination.

Every Fiat logo on the car is a classic version with more elongated lettering than the modern logo. It's a detail like this you can appreciate.

The classic paint-matched dome wheel rims give it a distinct, classy look. People compliment the rims as much as the car.

Embroidered 500 logotypes on the seat backs give another extra detail.

Here's a photo of a Fiat 500 actually from 1957, the inspiration. (This isn't the car I'm selling.)


Wear and Tear

Since it's not that old of a car, everything works as when it was new. Everything. But there is minor wear and tear.

  • There are slight scratches on plastic parts near feet below the dash and on lower parts of the doors.
  • The front floor carpets shows wear, especially below the pedals.
  • There are some creases in one rear seat from a child safety seat.
  • The light colored headliner has some stains where it folds against itself when down.

Let's look at some photos, shall we?

IMG_5768 copy.jpg

First, take a walk around the car with the top up and down.

Some details of design.

Now let's step inside.

Miscellaneous informative photos.


Price: Why $13,500

I did my research with Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds, and this price compares with other 1957 Editions for sale in similar condition and mileage. The convertible top is more rare for the 1957 which adds value. I feel this is a fair price and I'm willing to entertain offers.

My lender, Chase Bank, holds the lien to the car because I haven't finished paying it off. Here's how this works. You pay me for the car and drive off with it. I pay off my loan immediately. Then I have Chase send the title directly to you. Easy! (If you're financing, then Chase sends it to your lender.)


This is the most fun you'll have in a compact car. 

Ask me questions. Make an offer.